Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Islam and science experiment. How it’s work?

                I still do some work on my proposal to find some new information regarding the potential application of FC. Until the writing your read here, I had finished 3 journals and more are waiting to read. After made some evaluation on the journal and what I had experienced before such as examination and experimental work, I realized that there is a connection between I had went through with what I have believed. I named it as Islam and science experiment. Truly, as time running, and every thing that we touching and feeling, we aren’t escape from any Islamic rules, so that what we gain will be our marks in order to meet our Creator hereafter.
In science, we are starting with what we called a theory which comes out from the problem or any obstacles in our field of study. The theory will expand until we do some research or experiment which mean our practical view to proof the theory. After take some days or years, we will come out with our results. If the result satisfied with our theory, it will be applied to society to improve our life and difficulties thus generating some money with our invention.
This is my point of view on how to relate those words with Islam. For the first time, we learn about Islam which mostly theory, maybe from our reading or any info that we gained from listening. Then, we make some practical after learn it in order to get the benefits and also blessing from Allah S.W.T. The benefits that we have learned will be shared to other so that others also can get the same things with what we have experienced. Separating the knowledge will reward by Allah S.W.T in term of pahala or know as ‘money’ in science invention application. For example, we learn that eat fruit before any food will help our digestion and this has been proof by scientist that it help to improve our health.
But, actually, there are no theories in Islam. All had been experimented by Sahabat through the guidance of Rasullulah SAW and we just need to apply what we learn in Islam to our daily life. If this can be applied to all Muslim, we will become the best peoples in this world as long as Allah SWT blessing us.

Strive to excel with Islam.
I’m sharing with you

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