Thursday, September 16, 2010

13 Mei 1969..the unforgotten tragedy in Malaysia

Before celebrated raya day, i went to book store to find any books. Actually, i'm not really want to buy it but because of the environment at the book store, i had to sacrifice few money to gain knowledge.

The book is 13 Mei Sebelum dan Selepas by Tunku Abdul Rahman. I'm not so sure why i got trapped with historical book evethough during my secondary school, history subject was not my interest. I just bought it because i needed it when my mind always came with questions on what actually happen during that time. We were not born during the tragedy occured, so read it to make your perception more better. In additon, you able to learn from the past to give us the advantage that we should take in order to avoid any situation repeating again.

Basically this book elaborate more on what happen before and after 13 Mei. Its fully of action which had been taken from any individual or party to make sure their vision and mision completely accomplish. As long as we should understand is, we must able to understand other, don't over, and take any action when we have already make some survey or taking any respond from public. Fully research on the negative and positive impact also give the best result to our answer when confronting with problems. But, before the tragedy occured, Tunku Abdul Rahman was shocked by few circumstances which had never occured before such as his broken tasbih and also his horrible dream.

So, the moral is, we should learn from the past, as what my teachers said to me. Now, i realize how important the history in our daily life.. Thanks for being taught me about that..thanks cikgu- dedicated to my teachers who taught me the history subject during my secondary school..

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