Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is the real truth of what happen to our religion, Islam. In France, the senate had passes ban on Muslim veils. All they waiting is just the signature of France President Nicolas Sarkozy in order to banning burqa-style in public. This is believe to increase the Islamophobia in  France whereby Muslim women still stand with their spirit to protect it from happen.

Muslim women with veils..

My friends, here the listing of negative's comment from peoples who are respond on this issues:

"Muslims are hypocrites.
If you want Islam and Sharia, then go back to to the Islamic world. "..LockdownBG

"I heard that the production of suicide vests just increased 450% since France made this announcement!!

Let wait and watch how the "Religion of Peace and Understanding" reacts to this.

How long will it take to get a response to this latest "Attack on Islam"? ...DAve

"The only reason that Muslim women wear veils, to cover their face, is because the men do not want others to know that they are beating their wives....."..Doodie

"For the life of me, I can't understand why a Muslim woman would wear that get up. It's black and they look like overdressed nuns. Come of think of it, I haven't seen a nun in ages dressed in a habit. And when it's 100+ degrees outside, they must be roasting. Too bad the Muslim women are controlled by ruthless men. Good for France, they've done something right!"..JAke..

"Islam is the most dangerous religion the world has ever seen. It encourages lunacy, murder, pedophilia and extortion. This is no joke. The non-muslems of the world need to unit against this religion before it is too late. Believe me, they want us all DEAD"..Thomas

and many more are still replying on this topic..Something must be solve..Allah..Allah..

I'm sharing with you..

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