Tuesday, October 19, 2010

kali nie dlm dilema..

Dah puas menulis dlm bI, kali ni skadar hendak mcuba pula penulisan dalam bM..

Kali nie dlm dilema..antara kerinduan di tmpat sendiri atau pun terus menetap disini..Byk sudah yg dipelajari disini seakan-akn susah untuk tinggalkan tmpat ini..

Sekiranya segulung ijazah master lagi ingin dikejar, boleh jadi umur menetap akan meningkat, 2-3 tahun..mungkin.

Tp..kiranya yang dikejar itu kearah penyelesaian kewangan...destinasi kelahiran adalah jawapan terbaik..namun itu semua tidak mbuahkan apa2 kiranya langkah ini penuh dengan dilema..


i'm sharing with you..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3-4am...she is 9 years old girl

Last night, it was my duty as teacher (actually, I’m not..) to teach two students, Izati and Nurul. This time I combined them both even though their mother was not agreed with my planned. Firstly, I don’t know why she not agreed, but in term of time, I’m quiet rushing on this week. So, the learning process was going smooth but Nurul seem not very energetic last night compare to Izati. Izati is smart student to me because she able to catch up what I taught to her in single time only. But, it’s not same with Nurul. All the mathematic’s question I gave last night just full of unsatisfied answers. I tried to compare of this both of them in term of their family. Nurul’s family looks very taking care on their religious understanding or learning. Izati is still too young but she able to tell me that she came home at3-4am, followed his sister for karaoke. Then, I asked either her family give any permission. Absolutely, she went with their family permission.Oh no. i can't accepting it..something must be done..

                A very sad story on how this young kid will grow up. When I heard her statement, I become afraid of this thing because I’m responsible to teach them that Islam has solution if you want to find entertainment.

                I’m looking for the answers..help me to save this ummah..Allah..

I'm sharing with you