Monday, June 28, 2010

Time for futsal..

Last week I went to Taman Anggerik Jb to play futsal at 10pm. The best thing is i able to meet a lot of business internet marketers from Jb.

I was tired during this match because I had played at 530pm with my colleague from Nigeria and Somalia. They played hard, full of determination and emotion and this make me respect with them

When I think back, I learned futsal during my study at UTM and I feel that this sport need more energy and full of dribble skill where the player take the ball forward past opponents with slight touches of the feet.

Different from football, speed is important. Other than that, strategy, patient and team working are also the key success for this game.

This is some of pictures during the match.

It's me..

Mr Zaki, my supervisor's husband

Nice through pass...

me again from different view..

End of game...uhh..tired

The pictures with my colleague from Nigeria and Somalia will be coming soon. So, maintain your stamina with futsal and football..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A World That He Left Behind by Fathy Fares

Today I'm sitting at the library to find some comfortable environment while surfing internet and reading journal...Then I found the interesting book which title ' a world that he left behind'..

Go through with the synopsis below:


This novel traces the life of a typical Egyptian middle class family. It explores the interaction between parents and their children, the relationships between the siblings and the preference given to the firstborn son in the family. It also shows how women are treated; how they stand in the community and the attachment they have to their parents and family before and after their arranged marriage. In this novel, the resentment of Tarik against the controlling attitude of his older brother Nader creates constant tension in the El-Masry family. Nader forces his sister Samiha to leave school when she reaches the age of fifteen. Tarik is part of a generation with nationalist feelings utterly committed to their country’s cause, fighting against colonialism and corruption.

The characters are set in two political eras. The first is the end of Monarchy and Colonial rule, followed by the early time of the 1952 revolution.
The book deals with the influence on Tarik’s family of customs dating back to Ancient Egyptian culture. It portrays how Tarik and his extended family interact with Christian and other Muslim families, the two components of the Egyptian society who, live side by side with mutual understanding. It also shows the influence of superstition and the effect of religion on the daily actions and expressions of the El Masry’s extended family.

The novel reaches down into the depth of the Egyptians’ heart and mind where wisdom and madness are mixed together and laughing jokes surmounting sadness and misery.
The novel also shows how corruption interferes with people’s life. This leads to the rebellion of young people, Tarik’s generation, who carry the consequences of speaking out and standing up against practices of authorities.
As a result, Tarik is imprisoned like many others. They are disappointed and feel betrayed by the failure of the new regime to improve their lives.
Tarik finally decides to leave the upheaval of his country after many disappointments, frustration and experience with corrupt officials...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Attention and respond..

We had meeting with Mr Fabio, one of the "big boss" at BIP UTM..Mostly the discussion was about the 3rd phase of Symbiosis program in this coming July..Bla..bla from Mr Fabio and the important is acting with what he said..

Mr Fabio gave advised to us.."Now, if you feel the water is hot, don't jump.."

Good advised from Mr Fabio..hopefully we all can stand as a strong group till the end of this program.

The best part was Mr Ifnu had makan-makan session for us..

Location: it's finger lickin good..Petronas Taman Universiti

Look at the back of this picture..You will see unfinished building...The lucky CEO will sit here..among 5 of us..who will be selected..

For me, as fresh graduate, I need to learn more..because I believe that what ever I thought, people outside there already done with their strategy..But it doesn't mean I can't do better..

Hopefully i can do it more better..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

SOMChE 2010

Last week I went to KLCC to attend The International Conference on Process Engineering and Advanced Materials 2010(ICPEAM2010) under the World Engineering, Science & Technology Congress (ESTCON2010) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In conjunction with this conference, they also announced the 24th Symposium of Malaysia Chemical Engineering (SOMChe 2010). This conference was organized by the Chemical Engineering Department, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

The objective of this conference is to provide an international forum to present and discuss recent progress in both fundamentals and applications for a wide range of interdisciplinary domains which include material science and engineering, nanotechnology, environmental technologies, process system engineering, reaction and separation engineering, etc.

During the conference, my role was presented the poster of wastewater treatment which used progressive freeze concentration, one methods of technology to treat waste. Not many people attended this conference because we came at the last day of I just presented for 5 peoples only.

This was the first conference I attended regarding the current chemical engineering technologies. The participants came from lecturer, PhD’s students, Master’s student and also me , Research Assistant’s student.All the presentation terms was very fundamental. No basic knowledge of course you will lost..

Many of them have possibility to commercialize but in term of money..huuuh…

After that we went back to Johor Bahru at the same day and took dinner at SOBB-suma olang bole business..and spent time to watch matched between Argentine and South Korea..

Argentina won 4-1..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Symbiosis Programe

Shah Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

This is the second phase of Symbiosis programme where all the selected future entrepreneurs from previous first phase were met together hopefully to complete the Entrepreneurship Course training in Petaling Jaya. What make it different from the previous phase??..We were combined together with UKM candidates also. Previously, the first phase had been done at Pulai Spring Johor. The main topic is about the introduction of all the products from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Symbiosis programme-Phase 2

So, we seat together for one week in this 3 stars hotel...Pn Mariatini said.."We need to cut all the budget.So, the inventor also can't come.If they want to come.they have to pay for them self and sleep with the participant..That why we all are here."....But the best about this programme.. No need to pay, but we got allowance from them..How much? Its secret..not mentioned here..hehe
But, I'm very grateful to attend the program such like this because i able to hear and learn about the successful entrepreneur regarding their sacrificed to be the best among the best..Their valuable experiences make me more stronger to go through this life with different perception.

During that course, we also had one session to discuss about the motivation book by Stephen R Covey- The 7 habits of highly effective people, but the discussion was so simpled. So, I bought this book after this programme.

Em, maybe after 3 weeks at Kinokinuya Suria KLCC after i attended my friend's wedding at Puchong Selangor.The cost was RM42.50.(see the picture above...the book inside the plastic beg)...Big Investment again..Now, I struggle to finish this book..It is very nice book..YOu must have one!!

The conclusion is, what ever do you want to achieve in this life, make sure you do it until the maximum limit. If you can't get it, maybe Allah gives you another thing...more better than what we will expect..but of course you have to see the previous journey when you reach at the top..

Then we will smile and say Thanks to Allah for all the journey that He gives to us...

Industrial wastewater workshop

On 2nd June, I had opportunity to attend an industrial workshop at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The payment was RM150..!!..fuhh..big investment.. This workshop was about the wastewater treatment for heavy metal industry. The method used to treat the wastewater is biological treatment produced by great inventor, Prof Dr Wan Azlina.

Basically, the workshop was started by given a brief explanation on the scenario of waste water from Department Of Environmental, DOE, focused at Johor Bahru. Emm, from the all area they mentioned, Pasir Gudang is the most polluted area because this area is center of industrial operation. Pasir Gudang is an industrial town located 35km east of Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

My objective to attend this programe is to identify the people from industry so that i can promote the product for wastewater treatment to them..
During the workshop training, I able to meet one of the factory's manager, Mr Anatha Ganesh a/l ANtony from Kenny Leather (M) sdn bhd from Merlimau, Melaka. I used this opportunity to talk with him about the waste water from their industry. He said that "normally our industry is used chemical and biological treatment and all this technology was imported from Japan..Before this, one company had come to our company to promote their technology to us..but this company only accepting the product from Japan..."
Why don't accepting any product from Malaysia? Not good enough?

"I'm not said that the product from Malaysia isn't good..but the the BIG boss only recognize and believe that Japan has good technology..and I invite you to come and take some the waste to test with your product.."
Em...the waste actually come from the food processing industry, which the main impurities is color and dyes. Why not I try this market because Dr Zaharah mainly focusing on textile industry..If it can make positive result, of course the product will expand the market target...Textile and food industry..

But the first thing to do, of course i must plan how to get there-industry, without using any money investment..In term of business, reducing the cost is part of important task to think..
So, I need to think...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel The World for better Life

Feel The World For Better Life