Monday, June 28, 2010

Time for futsal..

Last week I went to Taman Anggerik Jb to play futsal at 10pm. The best thing is i able to meet a lot of business internet marketers from Jb.

I was tired during this match because I had played at 530pm with my colleague from Nigeria and Somalia. They played hard, full of determination and emotion and this make me respect with them

When I think back, I learned futsal during my study at UTM and I feel that this sport need more energy and full of dribble skill where the player take the ball forward past opponents with slight touches of the feet.

Different from football, speed is important. Other than that, strategy, patient and team working are also the key success for this game.

This is some of pictures during the match.

It's me..

Mr Zaki, my supervisor's husband

Nice through pass...

me again from different view..

End of game...uhh..tired

The pictures with my colleague from Nigeria and Somalia will be coming soon. So, maintain your stamina with futsal and football..

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