Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not just a ball and win the match..


Ball??...For those who are fans for this game, I am sure you are scarified your time to stay up until morning to watch World Cup match in order to support your favorite team mainly Brazil, Jerman and Argentina. Some of us might not understand what the main attraction making this game become among the famous games in the world. Every time your watch at TV you will see thousands of supporter between two countries. Moreover, for those who are can’t attend the match lively at the stadium, they still have opportunity to watch it at any places which providing with large white screen. No border for technology for this modern era. What most interesting during WC10, my colleagues who I know never see them at field or any futsal courts also become among the fanatic fans for their favorite countries. Now, the ball was entitle as the Jabulani, the word taken from the ZULu means rejoice or bring joy and happiness. The ball was made from China whereby this circumstance minimizes the economic of Pakistan as main produces of ball.

How about the players?
I never realize until I search by my own to see either I can identify any Muslim players during WC10. So I started with my favorite team during world cup 2002. He is…

Mesut Ozi

He was born on 15 October 1988 and playing as attacking midfielder with German team of Turkish origin. Who else are Muslim players??..Watch this..

Nicolas Anelka

He was born 14 march 1979 and become the French footballer and also as striker for Chelsea. He converted to Islam in 2004 and taking the Muslim name of Abdul-Salam Bilal. Alhamdulilah….
Then, person who is same nationality with Anelka…

Franks Ribery. He converted to Islam and taking his Muslim name as Bilal Yusuf Mohammed. But for those who are the France fans, you must very disappoint with the performance shown by France players. They aren’t same with previous 06WC. Last but not least..

Yaya Toure…defender with 1.91m height, Barcelona..oop..why I’m mention about Spanish league..?

So, its not just a ball and win the game, what I want to mention here some of the players are Muslims, and some of them are reverted to Islam where they can used this opportunity to spread Islam by using their popularity as football’s celebrity.
Nowadays, people only can see and respect the truth about Islam when they mention it with their successful achievement background. So, we need to gain any great victory or achievement in our life to show others that what we get is not from us..But it‘s come from the blessing and helping from Allah SWT..

Nasri was praying before match…

So, it’s not just a ball and win the game..we need to spread that Islam for all..


  1. Dont forget HIM who always besides us.

    Hmm..i only know that ozil is a muslim. Not others. Nice sharing joseph.

    What you give, you get back (edisi worldcup 2010)

  2. That`s right.We need to pray to ALLAH. If we pray about win,the one always beside you give