Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its time to sing the song...

Nasyid concert by Ust Nasrey Johani and Satna..

Alhamdulilah,, praise to Allah because of His blessing, Malam Kesenian Islam 2010 had been done successfully at Dewan Taman Universiti, Skudai. During the night, the hall was fully by people even though tickets were not 100% sold before the event began. As I remembered, we just sold it not less than 200! It’s showed that people also enjoy nasyid instead of other genre of music currently which become the personality to teens to follow as their identity of popularity and show off.
Genre of Music..

There are a lot of type or genre of music during this era. We as the one who lived in this modern era of technology can’t escape from the wave of kinds of music which portray our life. The writer also is one of them for the previous years ago when I saw that any kinds of music using the guitar and drum became my philosophy of my life to obey and practiced it. It’s not started with the lyric that I heard but I came from the style and appearance of each of the singer until I spend my own money to buy clothes so that I can change myself and followed them. I still can remember the first music that I heard which my friend, a close friend, gave the song to let me knew with the band. It’s LIMBIZKIT.

Then, Eminem, D-12, Too phat, and etc..continue with GREEN DAY…and so on…Nice to know them, but now, the time and our surrounding change my perspective to them. All this bands have full of strength of influencing our teenagers especially the Muslim to forget our responsibility in this beloved earth whereby it become our “bridge” before our next life’s destination, where during that time, our money, son and wife are among who doesn’t know us.

Bring them back to Islam..

Islam, one of the religions in this world teaching about the concept of one God, Allah SWT, where the Book of Al-Quran, is protected until now, and as time goes by, it still become the scripture of people who are seeking for happiness, faith, the true God, the laws, science, family, and so on..All the motivations, moral stories, histories, calligraphy, and beautiful of recite always become the references among the person who wants to find and to correlate the issues rotating around us. It showed that the Book of Al-Quran is not from human publication. Thanks Allah for the opportunity which I able to embrace it till now…


Nasyid?? This term only recognize in Malaysia because when I talked with my colleague from Nigeria and Italy, they have no idea on it. It’s a type of song with Islamic lyric inside it to bring people to get close with Allah. So, event nasyid, it still their own fans and mostly come from those who are really practicing Islam in their daily life. I started to hear this song when my friend gave me a song from Raihan- a nasyid group who the singer is Sabahan and reverted to Islam, Ust Nazrey Johany.

So, what ever the song that your want to hear, make sure it really can give you the meaning about our life and able to practice it in order to be the best slave in this world.

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