Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pursue with high endow of knowledge..(1)

Read with complete precision....
During this time, I'm trying to finish my proposal regarding my ambition to pursue with high endow of knowledge. I was giving two choice either i want to choose the food industry or environmental problem which is focusing more to waste water treatment. Reading, searching and intreprating are my task in order to complete the proposal. At this time, I looking through my course mates who were getting job and some of them still pending with their application while me with same environment-books and journals . This journey isn't created by me..and i still don't know what is my next step through this stopover. May ALLAH SWT will guide my way..Thanks to choose me to permanent myself to stay close with YOU.. Thanks..

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Industrial wastewater treatment...

Last Thursday, I had an opportunity to attend a visit to Ramatex textile Industry at Batu pahat Johor. Batu pahat is known as the textile’s city because all the production and manufacturing of textile in Johor come from Batu Pahat as well as importer of textile product to other regions. I’m not alone but with me were Bro Ifnu and also PhD Student, En Zul. Thanks for them for the explanation and also the transportation provided by Bro Ifnu.
We were looking for the wastewater system at Ramatex to compare it with the biological method. From UTM, we took about 1 ½ hours to reach the place. When we were on the site, mostly the workers are from Bangladesh and some of them from Vietnam. Unfortunately, the engineer that we supposed to meet was not around and most of the system explained by the En Zul and one of the staffs from Water Department.
So, these are the pictures:
filter press...
Raw wastewater..
The treatment building...

effluent..after treatment..
More ponds for treatment...
Raw wastewater again...
Thing before you enter..dangerous
If you are in site make sure:
1)      Your safety is 100% cover including physical appearance.
2)      Follow all the instruction from the co-worker about the safety
3)      Always be in mind about your beloved person. This will make your more careful during working
4)      Covered by Insurance

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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Poem to My Teacher

                                                        My Former teacher, cikgu Kamal Buyong
You are the one, who teach me
Explaining the lessons that we don’t know
With fully dedicated you sacrificed your time
For me to understand our life
Through your hand with entire bless

We look you have tried your hard
To make us understand
Beyond that, we are not as your prediction
Lost with joy and satisfaction, freedom but not justify
That is how our life goes through, sink at the middle of journey

Now, we are realized
Every word you said contain thousands of meaning
Every step we take your word walk with us
It’s not disappear, even though you are not stand besides us
Because it come truly from the heart of sincerity

We can’t replace all the knowledge
The knowledge that you gave till what we have now
The knowledge that teach us who we belong to
Through the path that we have now
We know that we are also part of your assignment
Be the best and the practical person
Because we are sure we will not here
If not you are my teacher


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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The best part in my house...

I’m sure everyone from us has their own friends since you are born. The most interesting parts with them is sharing the time to meet or changing idea, hobbies, and the more appropriate we able to see our friend’s habit after long journey with them. By the way, as long they are still around with us, take this opportunity to appreciate on whatever things that we aren’t satisfied, miscommunication, or maybe something that more ‘cruel’ than that.

From the circumstances, we gain something valuable moral which we can’t accepting from any institution, school or kindergarten because its only can be received with the institution known as experience. Experience make perfect! So, try to jump on any situation where you are not willing to sacrifice your time with it. There a lot of portrays of life experience you will generate after that. Before that, the starting come from our self, the more we explore, the more we will appreciate.

Look at the Islamic view on friendship. Ukhwah is the stand of parameters to determine on how cloze we with our friends are. Lot of them is being friend because of the external appearance that they have, moreover, physical come first rather than the chemical reaction which means that the attractive of our friend depends on how we able to understand them better is the chemical reaction of friendship, not on how many money or position they have.

So, that the best parts in my house- the illustrative of life through my journey towards HIM. Thanks for being part of my life…in this blessing of Ramadan…

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadan is coming..what is our preparation?

A few hours from now, all the Muslims around the world will engage with the festive of Ramadan, the month of full with blessing from Allah SWT. On this month, we will able to keep our healthy more efficient because we are protected those diseases which come from our food. On the other hand, we can strength of faith to Allah SWT, fully confidence HIM as our source to confront with any daily difficulties. This festive of Ramadan isn't concrete with abstain with food and drink, but its to show that food and drink isn't totally our source of energy. Its depend on how close of our self with HIM. This was shown by Rasullulah SAW and sahabats during the Badar's war, which occurred at Ramadan where they were totally depend with the strength from Allah SWT.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult


Somewhere between belief and doubt lies faith. For the second time in her marriage, Mariah White catches her husband with another woman and Faith, their seven year old daughter, witnesses every painful minute. In the aftermath of a sudden divorce, Mariah struggles with depression and Faith seeks solace in a new friend… a friend who may or may not be imaginary.

Faith talks to her "Guard"constantly; begins to recite passages from the Bible— a book she's never read. Fearful for her daughter's sanity, Mariah sends her to several psychiatrists. Yet when Faith develops stigmata and begins to perform miraculous healings, Mariah wonders if her daughter-- a girl with no religious background-- might indeed be seeing God. As word spreads and controversy heightens, Mariah and Faith are besieged by believers and disbelievers alike, caught in a media circus that threatens what little stability they have left.

What are you willing to believe? Is Faith a prophet or a troubled little girl? Is Mariah a good mother facing an impossible crisis— or a charlatan using her daughter to reclaim the attention her unfaithful husband withheld? As the story builds to a climactic battle for custody, Mariah must discover that spirit is not necessarily something that comes from religion, but from inside oneself.

Fascinating, thoughtful, and suspenseful, Keeping Faith explores a family plagued by the media, the medical profession, and organized religion in a world where everyone has an opinion but no one knows the truth. At her controversial and compelling best, Jodi Picoult masterfully explores the moment when boundaries break down, when illusions become reality, and when the only step left to take is a leap of faith.