Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadan is coming..what is our preparation?

A few hours from now, all the Muslims around the world will engage with the festive of Ramadan, the month of full with blessing from Allah SWT. On this month, we will able to keep our healthy more efficient because we are protected those diseases which come from our food. On the other hand, we can strength of faith to Allah SWT, fully confidence HIM as our source to confront with any daily difficulties. This festive of Ramadan isn't concrete with abstain with food and drink, but its to show that food and drink isn't totally our source of energy. Its depend on how close of our self with HIM. This was shown by Rasullulah SAW and sahabats during the Badar's war, which occurred at Ramadan where they were totally depend with the strength from Allah SWT.

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