Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pursue with high endow of knowledge..(1)

Read with complete precision....
During this time, I'm trying to finish my proposal regarding my ambition to pursue with high endow of knowledge. I was giving two choice either i want to choose the food industry or environmental problem which is focusing more to waste water treatment. Reading, searching and intreprating are my task in order to complete the proposal. At this time, I looking through my course mates who were getting job and some of them still pending with their application while me with same environment-books and journals . This journey isn't created by me..and i still don't know what is my next step through this stopover. May ALLAH SWT will guide my way..Thanks to choose me to permanent myself to stay close with YOU.. Thanks..

I'm sharing with you...


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  2. Thanks..I will keep my blog up to date.