Thursday, August 12, 2010

The best part in my house...

I’m sure everyone from us has their own friends since you are born. The most interesting parts with them is sharing the time to meet or changing idea, hobbies, and the more appropriate we able to see our friend’s habit after long journey with them. By the way, as long they are still around with us, take this opportunity to appreciate on whatever things that we aren’t satisfied, miscommunication, or maybe something that more ‘cruel’ than that.

From the circumstances, we gain something valuable moral which we can’t accepting from any institution, school or kindergarten because its only can be received with the institution known as experience. Experience make perfect! So, try to jump on any situation where you are not willing to sacrifice your time with it. There a lot of portrays of life experience you will generate after that. Before that, the starting come from our self, the more we explore, the more we will appreciate.

Look at the Islamic view on friendship. Ukhwah is the stand of parameters to determine on how cloze we with our friends are. Lot of them is being friend because of the external appearance that they have, moreover, physical come first rather than the chemical reaction which means that the attractive of our friend depends on how we able to understand them better is the chemical reaction of friendship, not on how many money or position they have.

So, that the best parts in my house- the illustrative of life through my journey towards HIM. Thanks for being part of my life…in this blessing of Ramadan…

I’m sharing with you….

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