Monday, August 23, 2010

Industrial wastewater treatment...

Last Thursday, I had an opportunity to attend a visit to Ramatex textile Industry at Batu pahat Johor. Batu pahat is known as the textile’s city because all the production and manufacturing of textile in Johor come from Batu Pahat as well as importer of textile product to other regions. I’m not alone but with me were Bro Ifnu and also PhD Student, En Zul. Thanks for them for the explanation and also the transportation provided by Bro Ifnu.
We were looking for the wastewater system at Ramatex to compare it with the biological method. From UTM, we took about 1 ½ hours to reach the place. When we were on the site, mostly the workers are from Bangladesh and some of them from Vietnam. Unfortunately, the engineer that we supposed to meet was not around and most of the system explained by the En Zul and one of the staffs from Water Department.
So, these are the pictures:
filter press...
Raw wastewater..
The treatment building...

effluent..after treatment..
More ponds for treatment...
Raw wastewater again...
Thing before you enter..dangerous
If you are in site make sure:
1)      Your safety is 100% cover including physical appearance.
2)      Follow all the instruction from the co-worker about the safety
3)      Always be in mind about your beloved person. This will make your more careful during working
4)      Covered by Insurance

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