Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kuala Lumpur...


Lama sudah tidak berkunjung ke blog nie..mungkin juga kemalasan faktor walau apa-apa pun tiap detik denyutan jantung ini mengalirkan O2 ke segenap badan, tatkala itu juga setiap perenggan kehidupan ini dipenuhi dengan lembaran cabaran dalaman tau luaran untuk diatasi..

Namun kaki tetap melangkah ke hadapan walaupun terpaksa mengorbankan kasih rindu orang yang tersayang buat seketika.. Memang benar kata seorang sahabat.."tidak rugi kita beristikrah"..kerana kita hanya mampu merancang tp bukan pemilik pada perancangan yang kita lakukan..

Ku berharap akan ada sinar di hadapan..sejauh di kuala lumpur ini...amin

Joseph Maison Sidin
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

kali nie dlm dilema..

Dah puas menulis dlm bI, kali ni skadar hendak mcuba pula penulisan dalam bM..

Kali nie dlm dilema..antara kerinduan di tmpat sendiri atau pun terus menetap disini..Byk sudah yg dipelajari disini seakan-akn susah untuk tinggalkan tmpat ini..

Sekiranya segulung ijazah master lagi ingin dikejar, boleh jadi umur menetap akan meningkat, 2-3 tahun..mungkin.

Tp..kiranya yang dikejar itu kearah penyelesaian kewangan...destinasi kelahiran adalah jawapan terbaik..namun itu semua tidak mbuahkan apa2 kiranya langkah ini penuh dengan dilema..


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Thursday, October 7, 2010

3-4am...she is 9 years old girl

Last night, it was my duty as teacher (actually, I’m not..) to teach two students, Izati and Nurul. This time I combined them both even though their mother was not agreed with my planned. Firstly, I don’t know why she not agreed, but in term of time, I’m quiet rushing on this week. So, the learning process was going smooth but Nurul seem not very energetic last night compare to Izati. Izati is smart student to me because she able to catch up what I taught to her in single time only. But, it’s not same with Nurul. All the mathematic’s question I gave last night just full of unsatisfied answers. I tried to compare of this both of them in term of their family. Nurul’s family looks very taking care on their religious understanding or learning. Izati is still too young but she able to tell me that she came home at3-4am, followed his sister for karaoke. Then, I asked either her family give any permission. Absolutely, she went with their family permission.Oh no. i can't accepting it..something must be done..

                A very sad story on how this young kid will grow up. When I heard her statement, I become afraid of this thing because I’m responsible to teach them that Islam has solution if you want to find entertainment.

                I’m looking for the me to save this ummah..Allah..

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My convocation day!!!..

I'm not up date this blog for two weeks. Mostly i don't enough time to include any up date on it until today. So i just want to upload my picture during my convocation day at UTM. Now, i'm graduated from this university as x student of chemical engineering. That was raining day during the convocation. So, i have limited place to take any photo. What I got as what you see right now..

From left: my mother, grandmother, father, me and my sister

me and my mother, the one who sacrife until what i have now...knwledge
me, my father and my cousin, Geofrey John..

 More picture will come after this..through my study, there are a lot of this that i learned..every people i see teach me on how to become more better and better after this.. thanks the one who are always support me.. especially my parents, mom and dad...their advices are my inner force to go through with this life..thanks

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

13 Mei 1969..the unforgotten tragedy in Malaysia

Before celebrated raya day, i went to book store to find any books. Actually, i'm not really want to buy it but because of the environment at the book store, i had to sacrifice few money to gain knowledge.

The book is 13 Mei Sebelum dan Selepas by Tunku Abdul Rahman. I'm not so sure why i got trapped with historical book evethough during my secondary school, history subject was not my interest. I just bought it because i needed it when my mind always came with questions on what actually happen during that time. We were not born during the tragedy occured, so read it to make your perception more better. In additon, you able to learn from the past to give us the advantage that we should take in order to avoid any situation repeating again.

Basically this book elaborate more on what happen before and after 13 Mei. Its fully of action which had been taken from any individual or party to make sure their vision and mision completely accomplish. As long as we should understand is, we must able to understand other, don't over, and take any action when we have already make some survey or taking any respond from public. Fully research on the negative and positive impact also give the best result to our answer when confronting with problems. But, before the tragedy occured, Tunku Abdul Rahman was shocked by few circumstances which had never occured before such as his broken tasbih and also his horrible dream.

So, the moral is, we should learn from the past, as what my teachers said to me. Now, i realize how important the history in our daily life.. Thanks for being taught me about that..thanks cikgu- dedicated to my teachers who taught me the history subject during my secondary school..

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is the real truth of what happen to our religion, Islam. In France, the senate had passes ban on Muslim veils. All they waiting is just the signature of France President Nicolas Sarkozy in order to banning burqa-style in public. This is believe to increase the Islamophobia in  France whereby Muslim women still stand with their spirit to protect it from happen.

Muslim women with veils..

My friends, here the listing of negative's comment from peoples who are respond on this issues:

"Muslims are hypocrites.
If you want Islam and Sharia, then go back to to the Islamic world. "..LockdownBG

"I heard that the production of suicide vests just increased 450% since France made this announcement!!

Let wait and watch how the "Religion of Peace and Understanding" reacts to this.

How long will it take to get a response to this latest "Attack on Islam"? ...DAve

"The only reason that Muslim women wear veils, to cover their face, is because the men do not want others to know that they are beating their wives....."..Doodie

"For the life of me, I can't understand why a Muslim woman would wear that get up. It's black and they look like overdressed nuns. Come of think of it, I haven't seen a nun in ages dressed in a habit. And when it's 100+ degrees outside, they must be roasting. Too bad the Muslim women are controlled by ruthless men. Good for France, they've done something right!"..JAke..

"Islam is the most dangerous religion the world has ever seen. It encourages lunacy, murder, pedophilia and extortion. This is no joke. The non-muslems of the world need to unit against this religion before it is too late. Believe me, they want us all DEAD"..Thomas

and many more are still replying on this topic..Something must be solve..Allah..Allah..

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Raya day..after a month of's time for Syawal..

This time, as a previous years, i'm chosen not to come back to my hometown. Tangkak, one of the areas in Johor, became my next destination to celabrate Raya day. As previous years, my friends who with me are Daniel, Edwin and Jaysuman. During this time, Abg Noh, Jaysuman's friend, who was sponsored us, also recommed this team to share some religious view at surau after maghrid prayed at first Syawal..

Here the pictures:

Jaysuman, Daniel, me and Edwin
Abg Noh at the center..
After prayed..
Jaysuman with his speech..Allahuakbar!
Second day of Raya..nice tradisional house..
Ayam kampung..oh a very delicious malay food.. it...Edwin ?
Outside the house..
hai..Aliyah..she bored with my coin magic..
Really enjoy this moment and I hopefully can meet Ramadhan again next year...I prayed so that i can be a good Muslim..amin

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