Thursday, September 30, 2010

My convocation day!!!..

I'm not up date this blog for two weeks. Mostly i don't enough time to include any up date on it until today. So i just want to upload my picture during my convocation day at UTM. Now, i'm graduated from this university as x student of chemical engineering. That was raining day during the convocation. So, i have limited place to take any photo. What I got as what you see right now..

From left: my mother, grandmother, father, me and my sister

me and my mother, the one who sacrife until what i have now...knwledge
me, my father and my cousin, Geofrey John..

 More picture will come after this..through my study, there are a lot of this that i learned..every people i see teach me on how to become more better and better after this.. thanks the one who are always support me.. especially my parents, mom and dad...their advices are my inner force to go through with this life..thanks

i'm sharing with you..

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