Monday, September 13, 2010

Burn Al Quran is not the solution..

Last week we were shocked by the news that a pastor from Florida church planned to burn Quran, the holy book of Muslim as part of day to remember the 911 tragedy. As what i read, the quran is given by peoples to that church  will be burning on the day of 911, where all the Muslims around the globe are celebrating the Aidilfitri.

This is not the way on how to solve the solution because it will bring more harm to the Muslims, who are not dare to see our beloved book, the one that we refer to go through this life, Quran, being burn such like that. The Quran will be protected by Allah SWT, not us, as what Allah SWT did to Kaabah during the attacked of Abrahah with his companion.

Before you burn that Quran, all what you have to do is to read it first, which how you will judge that Quran and not just burning it because as rationally, Quran mention all relating to our life in this world in order to meet our Creator after this.

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