Monday, August 16, 2010

The Poem to My Teacher

                                                        My Former teacher, cikgu Kamal Buyong
You are the one, who teach me
Explaining the lessons that we don’t know
With fully dedicated you sacrificed your time
For me to understand our life
Through your hand with entire bless

We look you have tried your hard
To make us understand
Beyond that, we are not as your prediction
Lost with joy and satisfaction, freedom but not justify
That is how our life goes through, sink at the middle of journey

Now, we are realized
Every word you said contain thousands of meaning
Every step we take your word walk with us
It’s not disappear, even though you are not stand besides us
Because it come truly from the heart of sincerity

We can’t replace all the knowledge
The knowledge that you gave till what we have now
The knowledge that teach us who we belong to
Through the path that we have now
We know that we are also part of your assignment
Be the best and the practical person
Because we are sure we will not here
If not you are my teacher


I’m sharing with you.

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