Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got new job!!..

Happy family…

Couple of days ago I went to En Johari’s house to meet him and their sons. But he was not around because he was attending a “kenduri”. So I met his wife, and their son named Wiwie. Before I arrived to their house, I got lost for 15 minutes because I made wrong assumption about the address she gave to me lately. I called her back to recognize the address again to get all the thing right and made myself that I’m not lost again!!..By this time, after 4 years, I’m realized how big the area here…Maybe next time maps will help me better.

“Usop, better you wait at the Sk Taman Universiti (1). My son, Wiwie will pickup you later. By the way, are you coming here using a car or motorbike?”….
“Ok auntie. I will wait in front of the school. Motorbike, with my friend..”..

Ask if you don’t know. Apply this for any situation. The answer makes you more confident with your next destination.

En Johari has two sons; the elder is Wiwie, a form one student. I met them for one hour to discuss about the Wiwie weakness. Mainly the subjects are mathematics, science and English. Not losing the hope, this family looks very excited to see their children to success in education. One thing I can see that, En Johari, a UTM’s staff, always described about the main weakness of his children especially Wiwie. He always forgets what he learned and not so sure what the true concept especially mathematic. For science subject, he not understands the word and the meaning behind it.

Forget and forget…how to overcome it?

I looked through the exercise books and also the text books. Wiwie almost got all correct for mathematic questions. I thought it should be no problem with the mathematic but after the explanation with their mom and dad, Wiwie only can did it during the class not exam which mean he not really understand about the concept and also the technique of answering the question. Before I left, I offered them the certain amount of money as my income for teaching Wiwie..also with a time table whereby every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, at 8pm till 11pm, is my turn to become teacher or personal coaching for Wiwie.

What should I do?

In my mind, I should find some book to teach Wiwie. Let him do a lot of exercises so that he becomes more tactical and increase his understanding for mathematic subject. First thing to do, I got my laptop on front of me and started to download the entire mathematics question from internet. Better and cheap rather than I buy exercise books.

Then, I plan to do some short note to him in tree diagram or anything else so that he can visualize all the contents of the subject and able to relate it with other chapters. During my secondary school, I’m also got the same problem as Wiwie confront with- can’t visualize very well and also needed support until I cried to understand this subject especially mathematic. Moreover, our determination and action give the new spirit each time we want to do something. Longer you sacrifice your time on what your really think will give high impact to your life, its more things you will learn and most probably on how to be patience and problem solver. Last experience will determine what kind of person you are- negative or positive. So, for me learning is about sacrifice even though you are not smart people. Maybe Wiwie can embrace what I said to success in his study. Hopefully..

So, I got new job!!!....