Monday, June 21, 2010

Attention and respond..

We had meeting with Mr Fabio, one of the "big boss" at BIP UTM..Mostly the discussion was about the 3rd phase of Symbiosis program in this coming July..Bla..bla from Mr Fabio and the important is acting with what he said..

Mr Fabio gave advised to us.."Now, if you feel the water is hot, don't jump.."

Good advised from Mr Fabio..hopefully we all can stand as a strong group till the end of this program.

The best part was Mr Ifnu had makan-makan session for us..

Location: it's finger lickin good..Petronas Taman Universiti

Look at the back of this picture..You will see unfinished building...The lucky CEO will sit here..among 5 of us..who will be selected..

For me, as fresh graduate, I need to learn more..because I believe that what ever I thought, people outside there already done with their strategy..But it doesn't mean I can't do better..

Hopefully i can do it more better..

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