Saturday, June 19, 2010

Symbiosis Programe

Shah Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

This is the second phase of Symbiosis programme where all the selected future entrepreneurs from previous first phase were met together hopefully to complete the Entrepreneurship Course training in Petaling Jaya. What make it different from the previous phase??..We were combined together with UKM candidates also. Previously, the first phase had been done at Pulai Spring Johor. The main topic is about the introduction of all the products from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Symbiosis programme-Phase 2

So, we seat together for one week in this 3 stars hotel...Pn Mariatini said.."We need to cut all the budget.So, the inventor also can't come.If they want to come.they have to pay for them self and sleep with the participant..That why we all are here."....But the best about this programme.. No need to pay, but we got allowance from them..How much? Its secret..not mentioned here..hehe
But, I'm very grateful to attend the program such like this because i able to hear and learn about the successful entrepreneur regarding their sacrificed to be the best among the best..Their valuable experiences make me more stronger to go through this life with different perception.

During that course, we also had one session to discuss about the motivation book by Stephen R Covey- The 7 habits of highly effective people, but the discussion was so simpled. So, I bought this book after this programme.

Em, maybe after 3 weeks at Kinokinuya Suria KLCC after i attended my friend's wedding at Puchong Selangor.The cost was RM42.50.(see the picture above...the book inside the plastic beg)...Big Investment again..Now, I struggle to finish this book..It is very nice book..YOu must have one!!

The conclusion is, what ever do you want to achieve in this life, make sure you do it until the maximum limit. If you can't get it, maybe Allah gives you another thing...more better than what we will expect..but of course you have to see the previous journey when you reach at the top..

Then we will smile and say Thanks to Allah for all the journey that He gives to us...

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